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Yoga at Golden Temple… Gurdwara Serious

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Sri Harmandir Sahib: Police case filed against Instagram influencer for doing yoga in Golden Temple

The inner harmony of the Golden Temple, which is understood in the official name as Sri Harmandir Sahib, was recently violated by an action that found the echo of indignation in the hearts of every Sikh. Recently, a controversial Instagram influencer, Archana Makwana, stepped into trouble and faced a police case registered by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) because of performing yoga in a protected area.

The Incident

Makwana was also photographed on June 21, International Yoga Day, doing Yoga poses within the Parikrama, the marble circumambulation path of the sanctum sanctorum of the Golden Temple. These images spread very fast and automatically sparked controversies within the Sikh groups as they felt the sacred site was violated.

SGPC’s Response

The SGPC, which is the highest temporal body of Sikhs, registered a police complaint against Makwana by alleging that she had offended the religious sensibilities of Sikhs. They also suspended three ‘sewadars’ (employees) for neglect of duty since they also did not stop the event.

Apology and Repercussions

In response to the controversy, Makwana released an apology, noting regret for her actions and explained that she had no disagreement with the SIKH community. Still, she has received more severe harassment and threats on social media, which demonstrates her level of passion for the case.

Debate on Religious Sensitivity

This has, however, led to the general discussion and concern about the need to show reverence to religious areas and practices. While some believe that Makwana was just exercising her freedom of religion to bow in prayer, there are still those who focus on religious and cultural sensitivities concerning such locations.

Balancing Tradition and Modernity

This also highlights a query of how tradition and modernization can go hand in hand within the era of technology. Bearing in mind that social media opens the possibility of freedom of expression and uploading the experiences to others, one should be very cautious and respect the facilities, particularly those that are religious.

The Golden Temple: A Symbol of Tolerance and Harmony

The Golden Temple is revered by Sikhs worldwide and attracts millions of pilgrims and tourists annually. It is a symbol of tolerance and harmony, welcoming people of all faiths to experience its spiritual ambiance. Incidents like these underscore the importance of preserving the sanctity of such revered places.

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